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  • Hello,  I have quite a big AnyLogic model which i cannot continue because when I try to save the model it tells me that there is not enough Java Heap memory (and it does not save it). What AnyLogic currently uses is 1GB; my computer has 12GB.  Is there a way to increase the Java heap size for AnyLogic? Thank you.
  • Hello,  I am trying to copy an agent through the Split block in AnyLogic. The problem is that the COPY does not have the same characteristics as the ORIGINAL; it create a copy of the agent with 'blank' characteristics.    My Patient agent has only one parameter: "p" [original value 0]. I made this simple model to illustrate my problem. In DELAY1 block , I change the parameter p = 1. The Split should create a copy of Patient which has the parameter p ==1. The code 'this.add_patients()' creates a Patient, but without 'p'.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.    

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