• This is a place to discuss all aspects of agent-based modeling, from implementation details to data sources to trouble shooting, and everything in between.
  • This community is for all new members to learn the basic features and elements of this website, including how to find resources or connect with other members.
  • This is a discussion forum is for teachers of system science. The community is closed to permit more open discussion of challenges and opportunities.
  • Systems models can be built come in a variety of methodological forms, most commonly agent-based, discrete-event or system dynamics models. Hybrid modeling seeks the synergistic effects of integrating multiple forms together.
  • This is a place to discuss things about the site that don't need or have a group associated with them. Please note that you need to join the group before you can comment here. Future members will hopefully be auto-added to the group upon sign up.
  • This community is for discussion on linking together the fields of dynamic models, including agent-based and system dynamics models, with data science, such as ubiquitous sensors and machine learning.
  • This group contains materials from Nate Osgood's ABM workshops. The materials from these workshops can usually be found here shortly after each session. Note: students and associates are currently curating this group.
  • This group is all about making our community website better. If you can think of a feature you want, if something doesn't work well for you, or you simply have a question, don't hesitate to join the group and let us know!
  • We exist to build models that capture epidemic spread. This group was inspired by the Ebola epidemic of 2014 where decision makers lacked good predictive tools about where to invest their energies.

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