• Geoff McDonnell

    Geoff McDonnell

    Sydney Australia
    I consult, teach and research in dynamic modelling and simulation in health and healthcare. I am particularly interested in using tools to help us think more clearly and act more successfully in health policy, public health, services management and clinical decision support. My focus is on Integrating qualitative concept mapping tools with quantitative computational models using data and theory driven approaches and multimethod simulations that engage a wide range of participants. My main toolset experience is with Insight Maker, iThink/STELLA and AnyLogic
  • I build agent-based and system dynamics models in health. I have worked on models from obesity to tobacco addiction to infectious disease. I'm keenly interested in applying simulation methods to the study of human decision making. I hold a PhD in computer science from the University of Saskatchewan under Dr. Nathaniel Osgood. My preferred modeling software is AnyLogic in part because it allows integration of agent-based, system dynamics, and discrete event methods. I am a post doctoral researcher with Dr. Elizabeth Bruch at the University of Michigan. I also run Kreuger Consulting, a consultancy in health-related simulation.
  • Malia Jones

    Malia Jones

    Madison, WI, USA
    I'm trained in public health and demography. I study how people are sorted in space using quantitative methods. Topics include racial segregation, geographic patterning of health, gerrymandering, and vaccine refusal clusters.  At the Applied Population Lab at UW-Madison, I also do outreach and direct-to-public communications work. I currently have a 5-year project to learn and develop ABM models as they relate to vaccine refusal clustering. I'm a bike-commuter, anti-racism activist, forager, slow-food-enthusiast, kitten-foster, chronic over-committer, and all around busy gal.